Transforming Unused Areas Into Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces

Bask Louvre Roof on Modern Home making the outdoor space usable all year round 11

Posted on 12/02/2019 by Bask Outdoor Living Systems,

When you have lived in a home for some time and seen how it performs through different seasons, you begin to understand what does or doesn’t work for your personal lifestyle. 

For many homeowners, come summer they realise their outdoor areas are basically unusable because of exposure to the weather.  Often these outdoor spaces have some potential with easy access or decks in place, but are inhospitable to hanging out because they are either too hot, too windy or a shower send you and your guests running inside.

People naturally gravitate to an attractive and inviting outdoor living area and a multi-functional shelter is vital to an appealing outdoor space. It can dictate the space and improve the indoor-outdoor flow of the entire property. 

So, what are the most important factors to consider when you are creating your picture-perfect outdoor living area?

  • sun and shade (as needed)
  • wind and breeze (when needed)
  • views
  • privacy
  • security for children and/or pets 

Opening louvre roofs are a popular solution for outdoor living areas, they provide shade and sun when you want them, breezes or shelter from the wind, privacy and flexibility to fit the space without blocking views, all whilst looking attractive and inviting.  Let’s have a look at some transformations of outside areas into stunning, well used outdoor living spaces. 

Bask Louvre Roof on Modern Home making the outdoor space usable all year round 9

These homeowners love their home and the renovations they have done have improved their lifestyle immensely. But without any shelter in the courtyard outside their kitchen and lounge, it was only ever a thoroughfare to the pool area at the back of the house. With no shade from the direct sun, or choice of wind shelter or enjoying the breeze when you were in the courtyard, it was inconceivable to spend any timing relaxing in the summer months. 

Working with Shane from Louvre Roof Concepts, they designed and fitted a stunning Outdoor Living System to fit their lifestyle and needs. The Bask® Louvre Roof blades are in a lighter colour (that also matches the joinery), to increase the light underneath when the roof is shut. The frames are in a colour that matches the house finish, helping it to blend in. With built in drop down awnings on three sides they really have control of how much wind they let in, depending on whether it is hot or cold.  This was such a perfect solution for this space, the homeowners were out using the Bask Louvre roof on the first evening, before Shane had got the electrician in to complete the automation work!   

Bask Outdoor Living System with 3 drop down awnings have made all the difference to these homeowners lifestyle

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