Outdoor Entertaining Year Round with Glaslide® Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Glaslide Doors on louvre

Posted on 30/11/2022 by Daniel Rawling

New Zealand is undoubtedly a beautiful place and Kiwis love taking advantage of their surroundings by spending as much time outside as possible. Outdoor spaces in the home are increasingly popular projects for people wanting to increase useability and blurring of the line from inside the home to the outside.

Bask Outdoor Room with Glaslide doors on exposed sides

Changeable weather and frequent cool winds typify the NZ climate and can interfere with the enjoyment of outdoor spaces, and our NZ designers have focused on a solution for this, that provides excellent weather protection for our louvre roof systems. The result is the stunning Glaslide® Glass sliding door system, ideal for enclosing an Outdoor Room. Incorporating Glaslide with a louvre roof is the optimal way to achieve weather protection and maximising the use of a year-round comfortable outdoor room

Glaslide Wellington Outdoor Room

Coming in thicknesses of 10mm, 12mm and 15mm and custom sizing options, the glass panel’s maximum width and height are ultimately determined by the location’s wind zone of which New Zealand has many different ones throughout the country. This has been factored into the design and enables it to be considered a choice for many, even in traditionally exposed regions.

Coming as double and triple track options, the easy foot-operated doors are available in two, three, four or six-panel configurations which move seamlessly on 22mm low bottom tracks. The system’s automatic latching system fixes each door in place, as the adjoining door panel slide past smoothly on a high-quality tandem nylon and stainless-steel roller system, which ensure longevity and reliability. Designed for user-friendly operation, the totally see-through glass doors not only keep the view clear, but the doors are also robust and wind-resistant, with additional design features such as 55mm panel overlap for additional wind or rain protection. The track and locks are available powder coated to order, matching the existing louvre roof and fixture and fittings. Available options include integrated LED lighting into the side or track guides, which will ensure this will be a visually striking and practical addition to most locations.

Glaslide foot operated lock

As seen in the attached images, Glaslide doors are a practical and visually compelling addition to most homes and outdoor areas.

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