Balance in and out with Louvre Roofs and Glaslide®

Bask Louvre Glaslide side shot Carterton 2020

Posted on 26/11/2020 by Bask Outdoor Living Systems,

Strike a balance between the fresh country air and cozy woodfire pizza meals all year.

On the outskirts of Carterton, at the foot of the Tararua ranges, living outdoors is part of everyday life. Who wouldn’t want to spend as much time outside as possible when you have fresh air and green fields all around you?

This stunning property has the scenery to match and with the help of our local dealer Sayer Industries, the owners were able to blur the line between inside and outside and make the most of the surroundings with this outdoor room. With the Bask Louvre Roof partially mounted to the existing home and the addition of Glaslide Sliding Doors along 2 sides the outdoor entertainment area was transformed into a space that BBQs and woodfire pizza can be enjoyed in almost any weather. Yum!

The Glaslide® Sliding Doors offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding lawn, paddocks, and hills, whether they are fully open or pulled across to protect everyone from wind or rain. Even in high wind zones, our Glaslide doors stand up to the challenge.

Bask Louvre Glaslide side hills shot Carterton 2020

Our Glaslide® doors effortlessly open, close, and click into place, making it easy to change with the New Zealand Weather. This paired with the automated louvres of the Bask® roof and it’s possible to open your entertainment area right up when the sun is shining down.

The entire system is custom designed for the site, including the colours. Meaning that you can design into a new build, or fit to your home at any point and it will look like it’s been there as long as the house.

The custom-designed approach will also mean that you get to lean on the years of experience our dealers hold creating unique, premium outdoor entertainment areas. This includes adding nice finishing touches like LED lighting or heaters.

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