Outdoor Rooms with Bask® Louvre Roofs NZ

Attach to an Existing Structure  

Wall Series Louvre Roofs are fixed to a structural exterior wall, supporting the roof without the need for support columns (against the wall), that may obstruct windows, doors or walkways. This is especially useful for small or awkward spaces and opens up a world of choices for outdoor living areas. Bask wall series roof with legs integrated into pergola

Fixing directly to the wall also offers additional stability by bracing the louvre roof against the wall.  

Aluminium legs not only provide support for the louvre roof, but contain and hide the drainage downpipes, as well as providing side beams for a range of additional screens to be incorporated e.g. drop down awnings, Glaslide® glass sliding doors or aluminium sliding screens.  

Support beams on the Bask outdoor living systems have been specially designed to accommodate and hide guttering for drainage, or LED lighting as part of the overall finish.

Finished in an extensive range of powder coat colours that complement your homes joinery, a Bask Louvre Roof blends in seamlessly, adding style to your home. 

Bask louvre roof wall series with a great view

This Bask louvre roof was part of the design on this new home, connected to the veranda and supported with two front posts.

Bask Wall series louvre roof is a welcome addition to this NZ home

Fixed to the front wall, this Bask louvre roof had an additional post added on one side to accommodate 2 separate drop down screens.

Wall mounted louvre roof finished in grey friars for protection on this well used family deck

Fixing to the existing front wall meant this Bask louvre roof didn't need posts near the entrance doorway

Bask wall series louvre roof negating the need for posts blocking doorway

Fixing the louvre roof to the wall saves the doorway being blocked by support posts

Bask Wall series 2 leg louvre roof with integrated LED lights for stunning affect at night

LED lights fitted to this Bask louvre roof means outdoor living can carry on into the night   

Wall series Bask louvre roof makes this outdoor area a perfect year round sheltered area

The addition of a Bask louvre roof means this outdoor area is now usable year round with protection from the hot sun, wind and rain

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