Louvre Roof with Outdoor Blinds

Enclose your Louvre Roof for even greater weather protection

An exterior blind or drop-down awning screen fulfils an important function when fitted to a Bask® Louvre Roof.

  • Privacy from nearby neighbours
  • Windbreak 
  • Shading from low or direct sun 

Solarzip® blinds are completely integrated into the aluminium frame and legs providing a sleek finish that would interfere with the overall good looks of your louvre roof. 

Only the best modern, semi-translucent Solar View fabrics are used to enable clear viewing outwards while letting the light in. Solarzip also brings protection from wind and rain and the fabric blocks 90% of harmful UV light/

Side tracks are fitted to the louvre roof legs, which encapsulate & guide the screen edges and protect the screen from wind damage and tearing within the track.  Like the Louvre Roof, Solarzip blinds have a motorised operation that can be programmed into one universal remote control.

For complete peace of mind, an optional wind sensor is available which automatically retracts the blinds away in strong winds. Specialist outdoor blind fabrics designed for heat and sun resistance are used for all Solarzip exterior blinds and come in a choice of modern, neutral colours shown here.

Solar View Off White

Bask Louvre Roof Drop Down awnings provide shelter and privacy


 Solarzip offers privacy and protection from the elements

Brendon SZ 2

 Automation is optional and operated from the same remote as the louvre roof

Bask Louvre Roof with drop down awnings for sun or breeze protection

Semi-translucent fabric is perfect for privacy, allowing clear viewing out while blocking views in

Bask Louvre Roof with drop down awnings for wind protection or shading

Drop down screens can be easily set to exactly where you want them to sit

2dd bask v2


Solarzip is great for shade and UV protection

Ruakaka LR and drop downs

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