Louvre Roof - SunFold®

A Retracting and Folding Louvre System  

SunFold® the latest edition to the Bask Outdoor Living range is a NZ designed and manufactured Retracting and Folding Louvre Roof. With the ability to be fully closed, partially open and pivoted, or fully retracted and stacked to one side, SunFold provides the ultimate flexibility and control of a outdoor living space.

Custom made in NZ, the roof can be fixed onto virtually all styles and shapes of homes and can be configured in Wall mounted, Freestanding and Integrated roof options. Features include the ability to partially tilt and retract louvres blades to control light and airflow, to retract the roof up to 75% of the roof area or tightly close for weather protection. 

 The use of German linear and Italian made tubular motors represent the best available to operate our systems and the unique End Pivot (EP) technology ensures for more weather resistance and the aluminium legs not only provide support for the louvre roof, but contain and hide the downpipes for drainage which along with the support beams on the Bask outdoor living systems that have been specially designed to accommodate and hide guttering for drainage, add to a overall sleek architectural finish.

The SunFold and its side beams are also designed to accommodate additional features such as LED lighting and additional side screens such as drop down awnings, Glaslide® glass sliding doors and aluminium sliding screens. This Louvre Roof system comes finished from the extensive range of Dulux powder coat colours to enable the right colour can be found to complement any joinery, and enables a SunPivot Louvre Roof to seamlessly blend in and add style to a home. 

Top View Louvre Roof Fully Open CopySQ

SunFold roof fully retracted. With Glaslide sliding glass doors stacked


Wall Mounted Configuration    Freestanding Configuration     Integrated Configuration



Louvre 7SQ

SunFold partially retracted with Glaslide glass sliding panels

Sunfold partially retracted Outdoor RoomCRSQ

SunFold in Outdoor Room. Also pictured Glaslide glass sliding panels and Louvrelite 88 aluminium panels

Sunfold slightly open with blue skyCRSQ2

SunFold partially retracted

Sunset Spaces Bask SunfoldSQ

SunFold partially open at the beach. With Glaslide glass sliding panels

Top View Louvre Roof Fully Open CopySQ

SunFold Roof Retracted. With Glaslide Sliding Glass Panels stacked to one side

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