Louvre Roof - Freestanding

Freestanding Louvre Roof - a Centrepiece for Outdoor Living

A Bask® freestanding louvre roof is a self-supporting structure which immediately creates an outdoor living room wherever you need a stylish and flexible shelter for your home. Designed by Kiwis for NZ homes, Bask® freestanding louvre roofs are built for year round use, to extend your outdoor living options.  

Customised to the size you need, these freestanding roofs are designed for installation on a range of outdoor surfaces, the most popular being timber decks or concrete pads. Self-supporting louvre roofs are generally the least complicated as there is no need for bolstering external wall soffits, or additional support beams for fixing the louvre roof.  

You can choose to add drop down awnings or Glaslide® sliding glass doors to as many sides of your louvre roof as you like, with four sets of support legs able to accommodate either options easily. In the fickle NZ weather, you can have the louvres open at any angle you like, to let light in, or you can close the louvres to give you much needed shade or protection from rain showers.

Drainage is incorporated into the beams and cleverly hidden behind matching covers, giving you an uncluttered and sleek finished look. The support beams are also designed to accommodate LED lighting if you choose, to extend the use of the outdoor living system once the sun goes down. These optional lights are programmed to operate from the same remote control as the louvre roof and drop down screens.

Bask louvre roof freestanding outdoor room for courtyard area

Bask Louvre Roofs x 5 Glaslide Doors Sliding Doors

Clever design means this freestanding louvre roof effortlessly blends into this indoor-outdoor area

Bask Louvre Roofs x 5 Glaslide Doors Sliding Louvrelite Series 88 doors from outside looking in

Support posts on the five louvre roofs are ideal for incorporating the range of Glaslide glass doors & aluminium sliding screens

Freestanding Bask Louvre Roof fitted on North Facing Patio open on winters day to let the sunlight in

A Freestanding Louvre Roof shelters this North Facing Patio perfectly

Freestanding Bask Louvre roof on a beautiful beachside home deck for protection for sun wind and rain

This beachside home benefits from the Freestanding louvre roof on the deck, with protection from both the sun and wind

Freestanding louvre roof with drop down awnings for outdoor use at a modern home in Tauranga

Retrofitting a Freestanding Bask Louvre Roof has extended this home's outdoor area and the time these homeowners spend outside

Freestanding Bask Louvre roof 2 bay for a large outdoor deck area in Canterbury NZ

A Multibay Freestanding Bask Louvre completes this outdoor area perfectly

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