Enclose Your Bask Outdoor Living Area

Bask Louvre Roofs x 5 Glaslide Doors Sliding glass doors on end room

Posted on 24/02/2023 by Daniel Rawling

A Bask Louvre Roof is a wonderful addition to any outdoor living area. The modern outdoor living area is one that co-exists and complements the traditional indoor living space. By having a space that has the flexibility of being open or closed completely to the elements, the property becomes functionally larger and enables year-round usage whatever the weather. Many customers that do this have found that this part of the house generally ends up as one of the most used areas as a result. Below are three options that we offer that can help our customers achieve this.

Glaslide and Outdoor room

Sliding glass doors: Glaslide® is a glass panel sliding door system which is a sophisticated finish to any area. Stunning and durable they are designed for NZ’s wide range of locations and wind zones.  Exposed aluminium fittings are powder coated to a colour of choice and Glaslide is also available in a variety of track, glass overlap and door configurations. Effortlessly sliding on a bottom track, the panels have an easy-release toe-operated catch that enables the doors to slide past each and stack away when not required and the strong magnetic latch system allows doors to look in place. Made and designed in NZ, the doors offer additional protection from inclement weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. Glaslide is a quality, hard-wearing system that will enable the use of outdoor areas year-round.

 Louvrelite 88 aluminium sliding panel outdoor room

Louvrelite 88 is an Aluminium Sliding Screen system that is perfect for use outdoors. Lightweight, strong, and particularly durable with the powder coat finish that makes for a head-wearing and low-maintenance solution. A sliding aluminium slat of louvre screen can help shelter from the weather extremes on show in NZ. Whether wind, snow or rain, it will enable continued enjoyment of your Outdoor area. Gaps between the louvres and slats allow an element of control but with natural light coming through. The louvre or slats are set into panels that can slide along a runner, enabling an area to be protected or opened to the world depending on the situation for privacy and weather protection. Appropriate for a wide range of applications and built to last using quality components and tracks, the screens are available in various sizes, adjustable spacing and louvre angle configurations. Powder coated in NZ from a choice of modern colours, Louvrelite 88 screens are designed to extend the use of your Bask Outdoor Living System® while adding style and colour.

Bask Louvre Roof with Solarzip dropdown

Drop Down Screens are another popular option for the outdoor area and can have an important function with a Bask Louvre Roof. They offer privacy from viewing, act as an effective windbreak and offer shading from low or direct sunshine.  One of the best features is that they can be integrated into the frame and legs which enables them to be unobtrusive and will not detract from the overall look. Modern, heat-resistant semi-transparent fabrics in a variety of colours are used to allow sunlight in but keep rain and wind out. Sidetracks fitted to the louvre roof legs guide the screen edges and protect the screen from wind damage and tearing. Optional motorization is available which can be incorporated into the same remote control used for the Bask Louvre roof as well as wind sensors that enable screens to roll up automatically in strong winds.

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