Bask Louvre Roofs for Large Outdoor Areas

Twin bay Bask louvre roof fitted on large outdoor deck NZ

Posted on 16/02/2018 by Bask Outdoor Living Systems, Joanna Wellwood

Overcoming Design Challenges with Bask® Roofs

Large outdoor areas are a great addition for family homes, especially in summer months, but they can often be challenging for fitting louvre roofs, which have maximum span restrictions.  Maximum louvre roof sizes are determined by engineering prerequisites, but Bask louvre roof installers have come up with some great solutions, working within the sizing constraints, for these two customers.

Arctic White Bask Louvre Roof Twin bay solution to large outdoor area design challengeThese large decks have great potential for indoor-outdoor living, but were not well utilised because of exposure to the sun, wind and rain.   These homeowners were really keen on fitting a Bask® Louvre Roof and Shane from Louvre Roof concepts was happy to come up with a solution for their generous outdoor areas.   

Shane designed and fitted “twin bay” louvre roofs for these decks, fitting two single roofs side by side, using the outer frame to integrate the units.  The roofs are fixed to the homes exterior walls where possible and fitted with support posts away from the wall.  The single remote is then programmed to work the two roofs individually or as one unit, for easy use by the whole family.

Another feature of Shane’s designs is the use of lighter powder coat colours for the louvre blades, which helps to keep the area lighter when the roof is closed, which is particularly good on dull, cloudy days.  The choice of a powder coat colour that matches the homes finish is also a clever design technique, it means the finished Bask® louvre roof blends in seamlessly and looks like it has always been part of the homes design.  

Twin bay Bask louvre roof fitted on large outdoor decks NZ


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