NEW Sliding Glass Doors

Glass Sliding Doors 

Sliding glass doors are the magic touch for creating an idyllic, enclosed outdoor room with your Bask louvre roof.    

Designed with NZ's unique weather conditions in mind, Glaslide sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of locations and a range of glass thicknesses (10mm-15mm) is available to cope with differing wind pressures throughout our Island nation.

Glaslide's frameless doors effortlessly slide on a low bottom track and lock into place as the glass panels slide past each other. Releasing the door latch is an effortless foot operation and is designed to be user friendly so the whole family can easily operate the doors.  

Glaslide frameless glass slding doors for outdoor living perfection

Glaslide doors are a sophisticated addition to the Bask louvre opening roof range, offering additional protection from the wind or rain showers, whilst keeping your view clear and uninterrupted.  

  • Protection from prevailing winds
  • Designed in NZ for the Kiwi outdoor lifestyle
  • Built to last, with quality wheels, tracks & glass
  • Doors overlap for additional weather protection between glass panels
  • Double or Triple track configurations allow for up to 6 Glaslide door widths
  • Strong magnetic latch system for locking doors in place

Glaslide glass sliding doors for an ideal outdoor room with Bask louvre roof

Glaslide glass doors slide easily closed for an enclosed verandah finish

Glaslide before installation outdoor area without louvre roof

Bask Louvre Roof In Place ready for Glaslide on the Outdoor Room

Glaslide sliding glass doors for stunning completion of this outdoor room

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